We create brilliant brand experiences that engage consumers and drive advocacy


Do you need support creating stories and experiences that are built to last? Using our expertise in experiential marketing and our amazing communities of people, we’ll deliver your brand goals.


Here's how we do it...


Events & Sampling

We’ll create, staff and produce unforgettable and impactful live experiences by being authentic, accessible, and relevant - from intimate boutique style occasions to large scale events. This drives brand awareness and creates lasting loyalty. We’ll put your brand directly into the hands of consumers, effectively turning them into advocates or buyers.

Our approach is insight led, generating relevant and engaging ideas

We use location targeting to maximise reach

Success is measured by clear goals and expectations from the outset


Brand Ambassadors

Our bespoke brand selected, highly trained community of ambassadors will take shoppers on a journey to make them brand advocates, through exciting and inspiring conversations and demonstrations.

We’ll create the human connection that brings your brand to life and engages consumers on a personal level

Leverage our unmatched expertise and insights to create memorable consumer experiences

Use physical and digital environments to connect your brand to consumers

Ben Jerrys Staff


Need skilled experiential staff for your event or pop up? Our high-performing team will take care of everything for you, getting you the incredible results you need.

We manage end-to-end recruitment, training and management of all staff

Rotas, shift management, PAYE and HR support is provided throughout the process

You’ll get a tailored reporting suite, including labour budgeting and 360 degree people morale

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