Why digital engagement is the future of considered purchasing

Why digital engagement is the future of considered purchasing


19 June 2022 Written by: Wave

Digital engagement is key to transforming the future of sectors where consumers seek advice or go through a consideration phase before purchase.

The retail environment has always helped consumers in their consideration phase or enabled them to seek advice before making their purchase decision. We now know that online stores are assisting in the same way so how can brands and stores be prepared to give this advice to consumers when they need it most? 

We project that physical retail will remain a showroom, but brands need to be ready to deliver consumer experiences and advice direct to the consumer in their home; so how do they do that?

Firstly, in an ideal world, consumers will be seeking to replicate the in-store experience at home. In other words, seeking expert product advice based on their needs, product demos and aftercare. It’s the personal experience that really matters, yes, they’ll still do their own research, read reviews and ask the opinions of friends and family, but we know the ideal experience includes getting the advice of a product expert to make sure they’re making the right purchase.

Talk to us about recreating these in-person experiences online. 

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