What's the most impactful way for brands to excite and delight consumers?

What's the most impactful way for brands to excite and delight consumers?


25 August 2023 Written by:

Engage, educate, influence & measure success.  

Whether you’re trying to get your product seen, encourage signs ups, or sell, you first need to capture the attention of your audience. What better way than through immersive events, sampling activities or vivacious brand ambassadors that live and breathe your brand.  

Good agencies will help brands bring campaigns to life; great agencies will combine location and people in perfect harmony to create joyful and memorable experiences that evoke emotions to make more consumers want to associate themselves your brand again and again.  

Getting the buy-in from consumers is important as ultimately, sales are how brands measure success. With any strategy it’s important to identify the right way to engage and influence consumers. By initially creating a buzz around their products, brands can then tap into a consumer’s emotions and create demand for what they are selling. Sounds simple? It can be with the right partner and approach to help you deliver.  

3 ways to engage consumers to boost sales and make lasting connections through brand experiences:  

  1. Sampling is a great way of putting products directly into the hands of consumers so they can experience it for themselves. This relies on getting the right target audience by being in the right location at the right time, combined with the theatre of the sampling event and the product itself. This can generate success by leading consumers to make recommendations to others which results in eventual sales. 

  2. Customer acquisition involves recruiting long-term customers to a brand. For example, for luxury brands or where repeat purchases or subscriptions is important. Great brand ambassadors this by matching the brand and product to the consumers specific needs. They get an understanding of their circumstances and lifestyle to match the perfect product to them – resulting in consumers staying with the brand long term. 

  3. Immersive experieinces: this is a full experience delivered to consumers. This can be used to elevate awareness of a brand during product launches, seasonal items, events or busy locations, to create viral moments and hype. These are the experiences that have the potential to go viral and allows brands to really stand out from competitors.



Find the right agency partner to deliver your brand experiences  

The right agency can assist brands in not only creating engaging experiences but also tracking sales and measuring success afterwards. In turn, this can lead to more long-term commitment such as repeat purchase or subscription sign ups. 

Our Wave agency are specialists in not only creating the experiences your brand desires, but also measuring the success and impact of them. So, whether you need customer acquisition, sampling activities, or experiences to immerse and convert, there’s something for every brand!