Our new website is live!

Boosting your brand's consumer advocacy through experiences, direct sales and execution.


14 September 2022 Written by: Wave

Our new website is live - hear from our MD on what this means for Wave and how we're partnering with brands to support them where they need help the most.

We're excited to launch our new site today!

We've been been working hard for brands over the past 5+ years to be the flexible partner they need and we're delighted to be able to clearly showcase the services we provide to do that on our new site.

Here's Linda Gallagher, Wave MD to explain who Wave are and how we boost consumer advocacy for brands through experiences, direct sales and execution.

Linda Gallagher, Managing Director of Wave

Linda explains how Wave tackle the current market challenges to uniquely add value for our clients. And of course, she shares how we manage our communities of people to keep them highly skilled, trained and engaged to deliver for brands - people are our magic ingredient after all!

Our new site is live - here you can find full details on the services we provide across brand experiences, direct to consumer sales and agile retail execution.

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