Get the flexibility your brand needs to succeed: Discover the services that increase ROI and suit any budget 

Get the flexibility your brand needs to succeed: Discover the services that increase ROI and suit any budget


12 October 2022 Written by: Kirsty Whyte

Get the flexibility your brand needs to succeed: Discover the services that increase ROI and suit any budget 

Boost your brand's consumer advocacy through experiences, direct sales and execution 

Brands are often looking for a quick fix when it comes to increasing ROI and tackling peak selling periods. Getting the right team resource in place can make the difference in boosting sales and ensuring your products are in the right place at the right time! However, as the market becomes more challenging and cost pressures become more apparent – how do brands achieve this in the most budget friendly way?  

Throughout September and October, we shared the services that can give your brand the flexibility to succeed. Our execute, experiences and direct sales services are designed to offer brands the resource they need to support your brand with product in store, sell directly to consumers, or create amazing experiences that last long after the event has ended. Which service would your brand benefit from most? 

Execute: deliver killer execution that elevates your brand to sell more 

The need for excellent retail execution isn’t new, but the choosing the right team structure has become increasingly important today. Now you can elevate your brand visibility with electric pace and accuracy with three types of flexible and budget friendly sales teams as part of Wave’s execute service.  

Our Tactical Strike service provides bursts of planned brand activation to ensure that your execution is working as hard as it should be, in all the right places. Get event or location led support with new product development (NPD), promotions, product recall, and merchandising. This is a great option for short-term activities planned throughout the year - activity can be planned and executed in a matter of days.  

Need to surge your sales for certain selling occasions but don’t have the budget for a permanent team? Seize those all important selling opportunities by unlocking your Sales Surge where and when you need it most.  Make the most of seasonal peaks in specific regions or locations, improve your distribution and visibility where and when it matters most, grow share for your brand or launch a new product with ease and efficiency. Get access to the best people, technology, training, channel & retailer expertise, and toolkit on tap, ready to go whenever you need it.   

Our Availability Boost service offers real-time resource combined with EPOS analytics to be in the right place at the right time – fixing any unexpected barrier to sales. Available across 2 of the biggest retail sectors - Grocery and Convenience, get 24/7 execution of your brand with our lightning fast response time. Our EPOS analytics directs sales teams to make smarter decisions each time whilst identifying and addressing challenges on the go. 

Experiences: Create unforgettable brand experiences that last

We all know that consumers play a key role in the success of your products, but how do you incorporate winning consumer engagement whilst driving brand advocacy at the same time? Introducing Wave’s experiences services, designed to deliver results whilst getting your products noticed and getting your consumers excited about them. 

Drive brand awareness with events and sampling - creating lasting loyalty by putting your brand directly into the hands of consumers and effectively turning them into advocates or buyers. We’ll create, staff and produce unforgettable and impactful live experiences by being authentic, accessible, and relevant - from intimate boutique style occasions to large scale events. 

Discover dedicated Brand Ambassadors – our highly trained community of people will take shoppers on a journey to make them lovers of your brand, through exciting and inspiring conversations and demonstrations. Choose from a combination of physical and digital environments to connect your brand to consumers, depending on your specific needs or target audience. 

Need skilled experiential staff for your event or pop up? Our staffing service fills any gaps you may have for up-coming promotional campaigns or activities. Our high-performing team will take care of everything for you, achieving the incredible results you need.  We manage end-to-end recruitment, training and management of all staff and rotas, shift management and PAYE and full HR support is provided throughout the process. 

Direct Sales: Capture every opportunity to engage and sell to consumers 

Brands need a guaranteed solution to selling and that’s where selling directly to consumers becomes important. Direct Sales teams allow you to target your strategy to reach the consumers you need in the places where they spend time and shop most.   

Get access to passionate sales teams that convert browsers into buyers and choose high traffic locations and conversion techniques tailored for your brand. We’ve proven that getting your products in front of the right people in the right places increases your likelihood to sell. 

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