Capture every opportunity to engage and sell to consumers with a targeted sales approach

Capture every opportunity to engage and sell to consumers with a targeted sales approach


03 October 2022 Written by: Kirsty Whyte

Today, brands need solutions that are quick and easy to action but that still deliver results. Often the key challenges are engaging consumers and converting them to buy. However, now you can make sure that happens with a direct sales approach that guarantees you sell. It’s going back to basics but with a targeted strategy to reach the consumers you need in the places where they’ll be spending money.  

Wave’s ‘direct sales’ service offers one-to-one direct sales activity that ensures your product or service is bought in the moment. Start planning now as this service can be implemented at any time throughout the year. Read on to discover the benefits for your brand as you consider your future sales strategy…  


Get access to passionate sales teams that convert browsers into buyers 

Got a product or service that would sell more if you had direct access to potential consumers? The first step is having the right people in place to support your goals. Our passionate, highly-trained community of sales people are on hand to convert browsers into buyers, maximising every opportunity to sell. 

Dedicated sales teams capture the opportunity to engage and sell to potential consumers wherever they spend their time. Our teams influence them to buy your product through targeted conversations and engaging demonstrations that are relevant to their lifestyle.  


Choose high traffic locations and conversion techniques tailored for your brand 

Through our expert knowledge of the retail industry, we can support you with finding, choosing and booking high traffic locations, targeted to where your potential consumers will be. Getting your products in front of the right people in the right places increases your likelihood to sell. 

Your brand can also benefit from a range of conversion techniques that span sales, subscriptions and sign ups. We can monitor your results, keeping an eye on your numbers by measuring cost per acquisition over set periods of time. This means you have a more accurate view of how your products are performing. 


David Easson, Head of Execute & Sales at Wave further highlights why brands could choose direct sales:  
“Wave’s ‘direct sales’ service is a fast and effective way to increase sales by giving your brand access to potential consumers. Our sales team will represent your brand, capturing opportunities to engage and sell to consumers in targeted areas of high traffic. This is a great option for brands looking to increase sales with a more targeted approach as we can engage the right consumers in the right places for your products” 

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Never miss an opportunity to engage and sell to consumers again - talk to us about our direct sales services. Our Wave agency is ready to take your brand to the next level in order to sell more.