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Finding skilled people

With vast experience in fast paced experiential marketing recruitment, we have built up a skilled database and have proven techniques that allow us to find great people, quickly. Using our knowledge and expertise, we can offer tailored recruitment solution to clients - whether you require full-time, part-time or flexible staff or brand ambassadors.

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Ongoing recruitment and management

After we've found the event staff and brand representatives with the experience and attitude you require, the training and induction begins. We look after the team on an ongoing basis - dealing with everything from rotas and shift management, to PAYE, HR support and budget management. We're known for nurturing high-performing brand teams who deliver results. 

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End-to-end success.

Our job is to ensure morale is high and everyone is happy, engaged and productive, keeping turnover to a minimum. We also provide a custom reporting suite which includes tailored information - from the all-important labour budget to 360 degree people morale. In short, we’re ready to make life simple and easy for you!