Retail staffing.

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Finding great people.

With vast experience of working in retail environments, we have built up proven techniques and processes when it comes to finding and managing retail staff. Using our knowledge and expertise, wcan therefore offer a tailored recruitment solution to clients - whether you require full-time, part-time or flexible staff.

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Recruiting and managing.

We don't stop at profiling and recruiting staff. After we've looked for those with the experience and attitude you require, we begin a period of training and induction. We'll then look after them on an ongoing basis - dealing with everything from staff rotas and shift management, to PAYE, HR support and managing staff budgets. We also ensure they are continuously motivated and engaged - we're known for nurturing high-performing teams who work to get results. If you'd like more details on everything we can take care of please get in touch.

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Giving you peace of mind.

We'll take full responsibility for your staff and ensure they are always trained and supported. Our job is to ensure staff morale is high and everyone is happy and productive. This let's you focus on the store and products; therefore developing your brand whilst great staff give your customers the experience they expect. We will provide a custom reporting suite which includes tailored information - from the all-important labour budget to 360 staff morale. In short, we’re ready make life simple and easy for you!

Why choose Wave?

Handpicked people

Part-time, full-time or flexible - it's the people that matter. That's why we'll handpick your staff and recruit the best team for your brand and products. Our casting process attracts the best talent and quickly enables full stores to be staffed with pace.

Management and leadership

If we are in charge of recruiting and managing your team, then it's fully our responsibility to lead them and look after them. We take pride in our focus on skills, morale and happiness and always look to foster a team culture where leadership and performance are constantly at a peak.

Taking care of the detail

Our staffing service is about much more than recruitment. We can take care of everything from training, leadership development and H&S to HR policy, shift management and payroll for the staff who are employed by us. This means you can focus on the things that matter to you.

Reporting and updates

We are your team; we don't just manage your team. That's why, while you focus on running your business, we'll give you regular updates and reports on staff and campaign performance - offering you insight into things like customer service or labour costs.