Mystery Shopping.

Our expert team mystery and secret shop in multiple sectors and locations, helping you uncover what it’s really like to experience your brand through a consumer’s eyes.

Wave Mystery Shopper

Experiencing your brand as a customer would.

We recruit professional Mystery and Secret Shoppers to match your typical consumer’s profile. After all, we don't want their cover blown! Following a detailed brief, and training, our skilled and trained team will visit and test any environment - from retailers or pop-ups to bars and restaurants. 

Wave Mystery Shoppers for Heineken

Looking out for quality and standards.

Mystery Shopping isn't just about understanding how pleasant or exciting a consumer’s experience is, it's also about ensuring that your brand is correctly sold and presented. From reporting back on service to testing essential product knowledge, our mystery and secret shoppers help you check that your standards are being met.

Wave Marketing in Venice for Aperol Spritz

Being discreet and detailed.

Throughout, they’ll monitor each and every detail and accurately report back on their findings. This ensures we deliver insight that enables you to make informed decisions about immediate actions and future strategies. Our mystery and secret shopper team also have the skill to reveal and educate in outlet if necessary, for an immediate fix.