Mystery shopping.

Wave Mystery Shopper

Experiencing your brand as a customer would.

Our skilled and trained Mystery Shoppers can assess your brand through the eyes of a customer. Following a detailed mystery-mission briefing, they will visit and test any environment - from retailers or pop-ups to bars and restaurants. Throughout the process, they'll keep an eye on each and every detail so that they can accurately report back on their findings.

Wave Mystery Shoppers for Heineken

Looking out for quality and standards.

Mystery Shopping isn't just about understanding how pleasant or exciting a customer's experience is. It's also about ensuring that your brand is correctly sold and presented. From reporting back on serving style to testing essential product knowledge - we can help you check that your standards are being met.

Wave Marketing in Venice for Aperol Spritz

Being discreet and detailed.

We find and recruit your Mystery Shoppers to ensure they match your typical customer's profile. After all - we don't want their cover blown! In addition, we also make sure every detail is in place before the activity. This includes using data and knowledge to identify the locations we're going to mystery shop and ensuring the shoppers know exactly what they are looking out for. Our reports are thorough, helping you make informed decisions about any actions you need to take.

Why choose Wave?

Handpicked people

We find your perfect Sherlock (your undercover mystery shopper) - choosing people based on your typical customer's profile. We'll ensure they look genuine and have the right behaviours and skills to mine the information you need. This helps us make sure your cover isn't blown and gives you a true understanding of the customer experience.

Helpful reveals

Some of our clients ask our Mystery Shoppers to reveal their identity after they complete their mission. As they do so, they can also give out training cards for those who need to improve, or rewards for staff who've sold your brand perfectly. In addition we can also offer on the spot training where appropriate.

Actionable insights

We work with you to develop a questionnaire that guarantees we capture the rich data and insight you need - helping you to make informed decisions about any actions required. Made easy and simple using our customisable live reporting system.

Ongoing programmes

Mystery shopping isn't always a start-stop project. We can design longer-term programmes of activity to ensure standards of customer service are always high when it comes to your brand and products.