Brand ambassadors.

Wave Magnum Pleasure Store Service with a Smile

Increasing loyalty and sales.

We recruit, train and manage Brand Ambassadors throughout the UK. Each individual ambassador is as unique as your brand, and we team them up to create an army of advocates who can sell your brand passionately and authentically. This means increased awareness, loyalty and sales.

Wave Representative

Finding the perfect match.

A great experience starts with great people. We ensure that the Brand Ambassadors we handpick for your campaign or event reflect the values and personality of your brand. Our talent spotters find them, audition them and ensure they know your brand inside out. This helps us maximise results.

Wave Team

Measuring the impact of people.

We measure the impact of your Brand Ambassador campaigns by tracking the customer engagement journey and resulting sales. This helps us measure and report on your Return on Investment. It also offers great actionable insights for future campaigns.

Why choose Wave?

People power.

We have an existing talent pool of Brand Ambassadors who are ready to go. This helps us deploy campaigns quickly and efficiently. Our talent spotting process also helps us hand-pick the next Wave of talent for upcoming projects..

Results focused.

From the very start we're thinking about how we can maximise your Return on Investment. We always measure and report back on performance.

Commitment to success.

We aim to make the first day of your campaign as successful as the last. Preparation and planning is the foundation of any great campaign and your Account Manager will make this simple and easy, taking ownership at every step to deliver success.

Full-Service offering.

Our Brand Ambassador service includes recruitment, training, management and reporting. So you can relax knowing we're taking care of everything.