Active Selling.

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Focusing purely on sales.

While events and campaigns can offer you other key benefits such as engagement or awareness, there's often a need to just purely focus on increasing sales. That's where our Active Selling services come into play. The clue is in the name - our handpicked and intensely trained staff will actively sell your products and services in any retail environment. This solution is perfect for brands who need to deliver sales targets or upsell/cross-sell to maximise revenue.

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Using our knowledge and experience.

We have decades of experience in active selling and therefore have proven processes and procedures that we employ to increase sales for brands. In addition, we have excellent relationships with key retailers and accreditation to work in high footfall stores. We therefore know how the store environment and customer profile varies from one store to the next. This inside track helps us meticulously plan and execute our active selling activity.

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Being committed to results.

On average, we increase sales by 37% and we are completely committed to getting results and measuring your return on investment. Using EPOS data to ensure accuracy, we can understand and analyse the results of the project. This forms the basis of our detailed reports.

Why choose Wave?

Inside knowledge

We've placed active selling teams in a wide variety of retailers - so we understand the different environments and customers. This means we can plan your activity carefully and maximise the opportunity.

Instant benefits

With a database of skilled individuals, we can begin your active selling campaign quickly. And because we're purely focused on sales, you'll typically see results more quickly than with a softer touch brand campaign.

Full-Service solution

We profile, recruit, train, manage and support all the staff who work on your project. This ensures you can hand the project fully over to us and we'll take care of everything from planning to running to reporting.

Proven track-record

On average, we increase sales by 37%. You can read more about our work in our online case studies and see how we achieve results for our clients.