Quaker Oat Café.

The Wake-Makers deliver a brilliant brand experience with the Oat Café breakfast stand at Millennial 20/20 event. Well, it is the most important meal of the day after all...!

It's time to shake up your breakfast routine!

When PepsiCo needed to make waves with their Quaker breakfast truck at the 2 day Millennial 20/20 event in London they partnered up with us to deliver the full service offering on their behalf.

We quickly got to work creating the activity plan and coordinating all aspects involved in running a two day Quaker Oat Café snack truck. Our Wave-Makers took care of everything from the delivery of the Ape food truck delivery from Belgium to London via Bolton, buying in recipe ingredients, packaging materials, uniforms, and menu boards, to sourcing a local dark kitchen to do the food prep the night before the event opening, and casting awesome staff to run the campaign on the day.

The team were also excellent at making sure all the last minute practicalities were in place like card payment solution, float tins, rental of chiller unit to store chilled goods, table and linen hire, mains supply for electrics, and sending pre-scripted social posts to event organisers to post on their official Millennial 20/20 account ahead of the event.

The aim of the campaign was to sell 500 products while delivering a brilliant brand experience that would encourage attendees to rethink their breakfast routine. Our Wake-Makers served Quaker Oats in interesting and non-traditional forms (no porridge here!) that appealed to a younger market, and also showcased a new product that would soon come to market in the months following. In addition to pure selling, our team also brought the product to the people by offering samples of the brekkie foods. On offer was hot baked oat squares and chilled overnight oats in 3 flavours – kiwi and raspberry, nectarine and almond, and mixed berries.

The client commented that the Wave team were “great brand ambassadors who helped deliver a premium feel that elevated the brand experience”. High five to that!

Happy client.

Great brand ambassadors who helped deliver a premium feel that elevated the brand experience.

Robert Barnes , Senior Manager, Nutrition New Business, PepsiCo

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