Powering up teams with pace: from 0 to 60 in 4 weeks for Microsoft.

After being informed by Microsoft that they needed 60 top notch Brand Ambassadors to work in stores across the UK, our chairs span as we flew out of the room to get started.

Conducting nationwide casting days, beginning with something akin to speed dating to make sure we left no CV unturned was where we started. This was followed by more in-depth interviews with potential candidates to make sure they had that can-do Wave attitude! The successful candidates then attended our 3-day training session at Microsoft’s office in Reading. After all they would be selling everything from devices to software to accessories, so our Brand Ambassadors required a great breadth of product knowledge and selling skills.

Just a week following this training session our newly recruited Brand Ambassadors were in stores and making waves across the UK. The time from the initial meeting to the in store roll out was a mere 4 weeks, clearly demonstrating the power and determination of the Wave team and its new members.

Wave delivered a great team within a short time period and understood the brief that I had set clearly. The launch training was excellent and prepared them well for hitting the stores. We have some excellent Brand Ambassadors now representing us in stores delivering strong sales and impactful customer interactions.


The original targets set were “stretch targets”, meaning they were over and above targets set for stores which didn’t receive Wave’s Brand Ambassadors.



In the weeks that followed, the sales data quickly told us that adjustments to the original role out were required which saw further additions to the team. We made quick moves to employ two Brand Ambassadors per store. This data enabled us to focus on results and ensure Brand Ambassadors coverage in high performing stores, thus maximising sales.

Throughout the duration of the campaign we would also quickly scale down and flex up between 40 to 60 Brand Ambassadors, depending on seasonal and sales demands. 

This campaign was so successful that when Microsoft needed a team for their next campaign Wave were there, providing powerful Brand Ambassadors who delivered brilliant brand experiences to sell more, once again!



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