Going undercover for Heineken star pubs.

We ditched our Sherlock hats and glasses/moustache combo and opted for real genuine consumers instead. Our Wave-makers know how to blend in while auditing every step of the customer journey which includes everything from the outlet look, feel, atmosphere, customer service, social media presence and even the food on sale. For this mystery shop we focused on Heineken's "perfect pint" criteria – a 4 step process to ensure each and every customer is served the perfect pint, every time.

Striving for the perfect pint.

Wave have been mystery shopping for Heineken star pubs long before we were even a twinkle in the ocean. Before Wave, back when we were working under the McCurrach brand, we first partnered with Heineken star pubs in 2014 and have been doing mystery shopping on their behalf ever since.

We carefully cast “representative” customers from our database of Wave-Makers, and invited them to an in-person training session to bring them up to speed on the key areas that Heineken require evaluating for each outlet in their Star Pubs estate.

Following this, our mystery shoppers undertook a detailed step by step customer experience evaluation to establish a number a key factors which help to create a Star Pub – this includes reporting on the interior and exterior feel of the outlet, the décor inside, the friendliness and how welcoming the pub is, right through to the quality of the food and drinks served as well as how likely you would be to re-visit. For this they carry out a range of tasks including some pre-work at home before visiting the outlet and then recording their results live via their smartphone whilst still in the outlet so that they can continue to observe the key areas to report. This is a truly effective way of capturing a real-life, real-time, consumer opinion.

Post campaign, the client is provided with a wash of data and recommendations that can help them make improvements in the areas that require attention.

Watch the video below to see how we Wave during mystery shops.

Happy client.

They're experts in what they do, and from my perspective they actually make my life easy. For every project, they're managing the whole logistical side of it, right through to reporting, through results to our BDMs and our lessees. It's a full service that they offer.

Paul Daly, Retail Marketing Manager - Star Pubs and bars, Heineken.

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