Brand Recommendation Campaign for Nokia

After Nokia approached us to help them increase their brand image in stores, we proposed a tailored Brand Recommendation plan. They were launching their new range of phones to a market that is dominated by Apple and Samsung.

The brief was two-fold, first was to run a territory manager team to train sales staff within key mobile phone retailers, second to mystery shop pre-activity and post-activity to monitor impact and issue extra training if needed.

We conducted a Mystery Shop of 50 stores in May to assess the situation this is known as a Compliance Audit, the results are below.

After the Compliance Audit we implemented a training team of 11 Territory Managers who would call on 60 stores each. This meant 660 stores would be called on with a total of 2,640 visits between them. Performing multiple visits ensured that we would train most if not all the staff of any store moreover, repeating the message ensures the information is received correctly and retained.

Our Territory Manager trained colleagues in store on brand information specifically new device features. A large part of this was around the operating system and key features of the phone.  There was a significant job to do of undoing previous thoughts on Nokia handsets when they used to use a different operating system.  The team used different ways of gauging sales staff learning and understanding, to ensure effective training.

The graphs below show the difference in attitude towards Nokia between May when we began and July. Grey being varying degrees of negativity and pink being varying degrees of positivity.



Overall, positive attitudes towards the brand increased from 78% to 90% in less than 2 months. Within individual product lines 2 out of the 4 products were viewed entirely positive. Great results that helped drive not only brand awareness and loyalty but revenue!

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