Our application process.

To work for Wave, you need to have gone through our application process and be a registered employee with all your details hosted in our staff database. We have hundreds of like-minded enthusiastic individuals on our staff database throughout the UK & Ireland. It means we can recruit the best people for our client's events, campaigns and projects as and when we need them. But to win it, you have to be in it!

So before you apply for our various roles to join the Wave-Makers team, here's a little bit of information on the application process.

1. Register your interest online

Fill out our online registration form to express your interest in a role.

2. Telephone interview

If your initial application is successful, we'll arrange a telephone interview to ask you some further questions. It just helps us understand if we're a good match.

3. Telephone interview (final)

If your application proceeds from there, we'll host a final telephone interview.

4. Signing your contract & registering

If your interview is successful, we'll send out your contract. You'll then be asked to register on our staff database system, Cube.

5. Getting your starter pack

Once you've successfully registered, we'll send out your staff starter pack!

6. Work for Wave

When we've identified the right job for you, we'll give you all the information you need and you'll start working for Wave. We'll give you all the help and training you need to be fantastic at your job!

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