Working at Wave.

At Wave you'll have the opportunity to be part of an amazing team whilst working for some of the coolest brands in the world - including Ben & Jerry's, Heineken and Microsoft.

You'll have the chance to work during events and campaigns and within top UK retailers - helping brands build awareness, loyalty and sales. And as a Wave-Maker (our team nickname), you'll be offered lots of training and support, helping you grow your skills and confidence while boosting your CV.

You'll be an integral part of the business, constantly contributing to the success of the campaigns and projects we run for our clients. Surrounded by ambitious, fun and friendly people, you'll be at the centre of the buzz and excitement that experiential marketing offers.

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What to expect

You'll work within retailers, pop-up stores, event spaces and more. Your remit will be to excite and engage our client's customers - showcasing products in a positive light and creating an experience they'll never forget. The end goal is to increase brand loyalty, awareness and sales.

The work is highly varied, with some jobs requiring you to cross-sell and upsell the latest tech products and gadgets and others requiring you to serve lip-smacking ice-cream flavours to the public. We offer part-time, full-time and flexible contracts so there's something for everyone.

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