Your brand is 1 brand ambassador and 3 handshakes away from global recognition!

While the world scrambles to find the perfect social influencer to drive their brand forward, they may be forgetting about one crucial factor… the power of word of mouth.

In 1929, 6 degrees of separation otherwise known as the 6 handshakes rule was put forward by Frigyes Karinthy, a Hungarian author. The idea being that everyone is only 6 handshakes away from knowing everyone on the planet.

In 2017 Facebook analysed its users and found that the world is now only separated by 3 handshakes. Taking that into consideration, the power of one fabulous in-store brand ambassador has more than doubled. So, how does your brand make the most of the world socially shrinking?

If each consumer that enters your store has a fantastic experience and tells only their close friends about it, your brand can achieve invaluable exposure. Why is it invaluable? Studies have shown that consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations from friends above all other forms of advertising; 92% take it as fact and action it as such. This mean that if they’re in the market to buy, they’re 92% more likely just to head straight for your product without checking out the competition.

From our work with brand ambassador campaigns we’ve seen first-hand the power of loyal enthusiasts. Creating and fostering the relationship between enthusiast and brand is something we take very seriously; we’ve made it our business to foster and grow our brand ambassadors to make sure they foster and grow these consumer relationships on your behalf.

Let’s foster and grow your brand?