What changes should brands expect in Social Media?

Making sure your brand keeps up with the trends of social media and the advancements in technology is how you stay relevant. In this article we look at what are the changes happening in social media and how to make them work for your brand.

Both Tik Tok and Snap Chat are currently working on integrating shopping algorithms into their video based social media aps, allowing users to shop the looks of content creators as they’re watching their videos. In these cases, the term ‘content creator’ isn’t exclusively reserved for those who make it their profession, but in fact any user of the app, making your average consumer even more powerful.

The nature of ephemeral Content like that posted on Snap chat, Instagram and Facebook stories is that it’s only able to be viewed for a short period of time. This creates urgency around the content which is why of the 1 billion monthly users, 500 million use Instagram Stories daily. Making this content shoppable is potential an incredibly lucrative feature, as users scramble to make purchases before the content disappears.

For business to get in the game, they need to be creating masses of content daily to keep people watching. Creating daily content means that consumers can reliably log in everyday to see the latest and greatest. Savvy fashion brands who’ve already discovered the power of disappearing content have a trick or two to help your brand keep up with the rigors of content creating. They get their in-store Brand Ambassadors to create content during their shifts, they talk user through new products, style outfits, show specials and really bring the brand image to life. This content can then be shared, watched, shopped and saved.

Using Brand Ambassadors in-store to generate content combines two worlds, it also encourages your consumers to do the same. Creating this culture of sharing products amongst your consumers allows you to have further reach on social media. It also encourage consuemrs to come in store and create content, be surrounded by your products and chat to your Brand Ambassadors, the might even pick up a trick or town about creating content.

2020 is going to change the social media game for brands, it’s important to have the right people in place who are up to the challenge. Brand Ambassadors are now not only a crucial element of your in-store strategy but may make the difference with your online sales as well.

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