Welcome to the new Wave

and our brand spanking new website and shiny new blog...

Have YOU heard about the UK and Ireland's hottest experiential agency?

After months of development we're over the moon to finally launch our fantastic new brand, website, blog and team of newly named Wave-Makers into the world!

We're growing up and leaving home! By taking a side step from our parent brand, McCurrach, we're carving our own future down the experiential path. But this future is one that has already been in motion for some years now - we're already active in the experiential market. We're not the new kid on the block - we've just got some new swag to show off! We still offer all the same services that we did a few weeks ago - they're just a little more pink now.

While we have our own identity now we're still part of the McCurrach family and retain a close working relationship.

Wave is here to deliver rich and exiting consumer experiences, and to create brilliant brand experiences that sell more. We have lots of exciting jobs in the pipeline so stay tuned for lot's more announcements in the not too distant future!

We're the cheese to your toast, the raspberry to your ripple and we're in it for the long run.

Welcome to the new Wave. The future is bright, the future is pink!

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