Top 3 Retail ideas for 2020.

1. Product and experience customisation.

In a world of over saturation, customisation allows consumers to have something truly unique and is thus proving to be a massive selling point. This exclusive way of thinking is also why Luxury brands perform so well and weather most storms. A brand that has picked up this torch of personalisation is Levi’s, who offer customised embroidery on their items.


2. Omnichannel experiences.

It’s predicted that digital brands will open 850 brick-and-mortar stores in the next 5 years. This shows that there are benefits to both online and offline. Success for brands lies in the blending of these two mediums. Omnichannel in our experience leads to many positives for brands, just check out our HP Omnichannel Case Study.


3. Integrate digital into physical stores.

There are various ways to achieve this and some brands already have tablets stationed in their stores for consumers to look up out of stock items, so what’s next? Whilst Sainsbury’s launched there ‘appy shopper’ store in 2019 allowing consumers to scan on an app as they shop and Amazon has launched Amazon Go, a cashier-less and app less store in Seattle which uses sensors and cameras to track purchases, brands don’t need to go that far to please consumers. Something is better than nothing and whatever it is it should align with your brand. 78% of consumer say they would enjoy having handheld scanners in retail spaces similar to those in Tesco and Asda. Or, maybe the way forward is making more information available quicker with the use of QR codes. The more consumers feel involved and in control, the better.




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