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‘Insight from GlobalData has revealed that although many believe that the biggest hindrance of growth in the UK retail sector is the shift online, this is actually not the case.’

Their research shows that one of the compounding factors to the lack of growth within retail is that ‘there is much more competition than there is demand, which is restricting growth.’ Due to this increased competition, brands need to ensure that when consumers are in-store they have the best possible experience. Positive experiences lead to an increase in word of mouth referrals which are the most influential and cost effective ways to spread your brands message and increase sales.



Brand Ambassadors:

Brand Ambassadors are tasked with increasing brand awareness, sales and loyalty. This is not a matter of suppling staff but of providing trained and managed sales innovators. We shared insight in our last article which stated that, ‘friendly service’ and ‘knowledgeable service’ were amongst the four most crucial elements for consumer purchasing. In fact, ‘65% of consumers find a positive experience with a brand to be more influential than great advertising.’ Ignorance is no longer an excuse; the recipe for success is out there and it calls for great service and experiences. Make sure your brand rises in Q4 with our award-winning Brand Ambassadors.


Brand Recommendation:

Quarter 4 although the season of giving, is also the season of buying gifts in categories you know nothing about. A mother buying video games, a daughter buying power tools or a Grandfather buying the latest phone. How then, do consumers navigate to your brand? These situations are where consumers seek the most advice from sales staff. Their opinion -in most cases- will dictate whether a consumer purchases your brand over your competitors. The burning question is, in these moments of purchasing uncertainty, what is their experience like? Brand Recommendation allows you to see your brand from the eyes of a consumer.


Our Brand Recommendation Service:

Our retail ready strategy allows for a shape of service tailored to your brands needs. Wave will go in-store and give you a clear idea of how consumers experience your brand. Do staff recommend your product, is there a test model on display, which of your competitors do they suggest? After which we can either give training in-store there and then, feedback insight to you and your teams allowing you to deal with it as you see fit, or all of the above and more. The ability to tailor the service means you get exactly what you need.


If you’re still on the fence about the benefits of our services we’re going to leave you with 2 pieces of insight.

  1. 46% of consumers will abandon a brand if employees are not knowledgeable and 71% indicate that employees have a significant impact on their experience.
  2. We are offering a 5% seasonal discount on these services if you lock in before 31st October 2019. T&C’s

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