Crucial Consumer Insight for 2020

Insights are invaluable when it comes to planning your marketing strategy, they allow you to make educated decisions. Here are 3 consumer insights that we think are crucial to winning in 2020.

Insight 1:

In an over saturated market place the key to success is knowing what makes a consumer buy your product over your competitors? Results show that in the United Kingdom 65% of people rely on their experience to break the tie; additionally, around 40% don’t mind if it costs more.

Insight 2:

What do consumers value most?

Consumers were asked: what creates the best overall consumer experience; and what are you willing to pay more for? The top 4 categories receiving votes that suggest 50% would pay more for experiences that had these and over 80% registered them as highly important, where: efficiency; convenience; friendly service and knowledgeable service.

Insight 3:

74% of consumers want more human interaction in their future experiences, this doesn’t necessarily have to be face to face; however brands must ensure that where technology plays a role the experience is seamless.


If you want to create consumer experiences campaigns that are relevant to a 2020 audience.

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