Consistency is KEY!

In the last article we spoke about the effects of social media on ‘Six degrees of separation’ and how brands can leverage Brand Ambassadors.

A key factor in the success of this is retention of your current consumers, to ensure further sharing of your brands message. The golden ticket of retention is c-o-n-s-i-s-t-e-n-c-y.

In the restaurant industry they say that if you serve a consumer 3 great meals they’ll be a consumer for life. With the growth in online retail and the over saturation of the marketplace, brands aren’t that lucky. They must deliver a great experience every time a consumer interacts with them. This isn’t just when they speak to someone in-store or on your website, but at every touch point. Including when they receive their online order to liking your social media posts online. There is an upside to this; if consumers love your products and have a great experience each time they interact with your brand they’re likely to spread the word about your brand, spend more money and return to you.

This cross-platform excellence can be seen in a lot of luxury brands, they provide personalised in-store experiences, each online order arrives in great condition, their social media platforms truly represent the brand all of which creates desire for their products. It’s these qualities that allow luxury brands to grow so large and withstand decades even centuries of consumer trends. In our Q4 article from 2018 ‘Experiences are saving Retail’ we analysed the stock market to see which retail brands were suffering and which were succeeding. You guessed it, our research showed that luxury retailers were seeing massive amounts of growth whilst high street brands shrank away. This growth in luxury is mirrored in 2019 results, LVMH one of fashions largest conglomerates has done nothing but grow this year. Experts accredited this growth to the experience luxury brands provide to their consumers.

Following in from that Psychologist say that shopping is divided into two categories, ‘want ‘ and ‘need’. The biggest influencer in these two categories is the way the act of shopping and the product makes us, as consumers, feel. With the knowledge we gained from last year’s article and this notion it isn’t hard to work out that creating experiences that make­ your consumers feel good is important. Making sure to keep consistent in this so your consumer come to rely on the feelings you create is the real winning ticket.

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