All you need to know to drive revenue!

It may have only hit the shores of the UK a mere decade ago, but this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are shaping up to be the biggest yet.

What you should know.

‘Deer in the headlights’ syndrome is a condition a lot of consumers suffer with. With so many sales and bargains to be had consumers can find it quite overwhelming; many choose to remain in their homes and enjoy the sales from a safe distance.

For those that venture out into the chaos, brands need to make their stores a conducive and shoppable space. This can be done by keeping products organised and visible, by having enough staff to be able to answer questions and direct traffic.

Please don’t be fooled, this isn’t a rare condition even the most frequent and savvy shoppers can fall pray to this at this time of year.

Following on from that, it may be obvious to you but make sure consumers know about your sales. Communicate how much the discount is, on what product, when the sale starts and if there are any bonuses for buying more! Let people know about this both online and off for maximum coverage.

Don’t focus on the prize, keep your eye on the ball. This means that although revenue and sales are the goal of many brands, focusing on the consumer is the only way to smash targets.

Whether your sales focus is in-store or online in today’s saturated market consumers can just go elsewhere if they’re not getting what they need from you. Online hold ups on Black Friday cost J.Crew £630,000 last year; additionally ThePerfumeShop, with similar delays, had to watch as their consumers (who were complaining on Twitter) received personal messages from competitor sites offering them discounts directly.

The name of the game is to be prepared, check your online and in-store journeys from your consumer’s perspectives. Have your in-store staff and IT faction on board and at the ready.

Our top 3 tips for driving revenue

Start your sales early. If you have product lines with a lot of stock put them on sale in the week leading up to Black Friday. This will increase buzz and excitement around your brand as well as brand exposure. Tabloids and bloggers alike jump on the publicity train to share who is on sale early and what they’re offering. This exposure will help you increase your presence and sales.


Staffing is a major issue that a lot of brands overlook. Making sure that your staff are knowledgeable and available is crucial, but having enough people to re-stock, tidy and prep is also paramount. If your store is in shambles consumers won’t be able to find what they’re after or make any last-minute impulse purchases.


Little daily incentives to visit your store never go amiss. Throw in a freebie or have a game your consumers can take part in.An experience doesn’t need to be Rhianna in-store signing copies of ‘Bitch Better have My Money’. Something is better than nothing and may just be the thing that puts your brand front and centre in consumer’s brains.

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