Who we are.

We create brilliant brand experiences that not only excite and engage customers - but drive tangible results. We plan and perform, deliver and delight, measure and marvel in equal measure. Because Wave stands for much more than excellent brand experiences. Wave stands for brilliant brand experiences that sell more.

We use proven experiential, sales and marketing tactics to increase engagement, loyalty and sales. Our team work throughout the UK and Ireland on behalf of major global brands - planning and executing their experiential and marketing activities. Brands return to us repeatedly because they enjoy great relationships, added value and ongoing results.

Our experienced management lead our Wave-Makers - our pool of talented, skilled and passionate people who we call upon to staff campaigns, retail activity and events. We work quickly and efficiently to execute our client's projects and offer a variety of services to suit their varying needs.

What we do

Proud to be part of McCurrach

Wave is part of the McCurrach family - a company that has been operating successfully for over 100 years in the field-sales and marketing industry, helping big brands sell more.

We can access their skills, knowledge and data to add value to our services, which helps us provide the best possible outcome for our customers. In addition, we're also part of the SSI Network. Follow the link below to find out more about McCurrach.

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