Who we are.

Our purpose is simple, we deliver brilliant brand experiences and experiential marketing that sells more.

The stories and experiences we deliver are built to influence your consumers in the moment and live long in the memory. We use our expertise in the experiential environment to best deploy your campaign for the biggest impact in the shortest time. Our people are our magic ingredient, whether that’s our handpicked Wave-Makers who deliver our brand experiences or our Account Managers who will work in harmony with you at a rapid pace to ensure we deliver with energy, professionalism and service excellence. Lastly, we’re focused on powering up value for you, always, making sure you get the biggest bang for your buck and insight that will drive future strategy.

We work quickly and efficiently to execute your campaigns and offer a variety of experiential marketing services to suit your needs.

What we do

Proud to be part of Avidity Group

Wave is part of the Avidity Group of companies, who have been helping brands sell more for over 100 years through the Wave, McCurrach, Sellex and Thumbprint brands. In addition to the brilliant brand experiences that Wave deliver for consumers, McCurrach deliver field sales, field marketing and analytics services to sell more with customers. Sellex, deliver consultancy services and analytics products that help brands drive profitability by empowering head office teams. And Thumbprint delivers digital and data products products and services to help you sell more, while enabling you to be as efficient as possible with your time and investment.  

Wave have access to the skills, knowledge and data across Avidity Group which adds value to our services, and helps us provide the best possible outcome for clients. Follow the link below to find out more about Avidity Group.

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